The Difference Between Towing and Payload Capacity and Why it Matters

You expect your truck to work hard for you, and rightly so: from the ground, up, trucks are built to get the job done in Tempe. It's essential, however, to understand just how much your truck can handle to ensure you don't overload it, which could result in expensive damage. To help prevent this occurrence, we at Wheels in Motion Auto Sales offer this explanation of the difference between towing capacity and payload capacity.

First, the more straightforward term of the two: towing capacity. The towing capacity is simply what your truck can pull. Since the frame and tires of the trailer support most of the weight, your main limitation is the power of your truck's engine. Payload, on the other hand, is entirely determined by the strength of the truck itself, since the payload weight is placed entirely within the confines of the truck body.

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