About Truck Cab Styles

Long gone are the days when pickups come standard with a regular truck cab. Today, potential owners have the option of choosing between a number of cab sizes and styles. The choices enable the vehicle to accommodate more passengers or a larger quantity of equipment. See the differences in person by visiting our Tempe, AZ location.

Some cabs feature four doors. However, the rear doors are smaller and only open once the front doors are opened. There is a rear seat. But, the seat is small and does not effectively provide legroom and space to accommodate adult passengers. Crew or double cabs feature four full-sized doors and interior space that is similar to the rear seat of a sedan.

Max or crew max cabs features four doors that are larger than standard models. The interior space of the rear seat area also affords added comfort and legroom. Find a suitable pickup and go for a drive at our Wheels in Motion Auto Sales.

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