Understanding How to Harness the Power of Both 4H vs 4L Four-Wheel Drive

For the uninitiated, learning how to use a vehicle's four-wheel drive system can be overwhelming. While a two-wheel-drive vehicle may send you off of the road in tricky road conditions, a four-wheel-drive vehicle can keep you centered and stable when used properly. The safe driving experts at Wheels in Motion Auto Sales in Tempe, AZ want to ensure that our customers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to best harness this system.

High-range four-wheel drive (4H) allows you to travel at normal speeds while still providing the traction control that you need to safely navigate a variety of conditions such as snow, loose gravel, and ice.

In contrast, low-range four-wheel drive (4L) is best used in extreme conditions such as heavy snow, deep mud and sand, and while crossing water and rocky terrain. This setting is best used when maximum power and traction are needed, however, speeds should be kept below 40 mph.

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