A Blind Spot Monitor Explained

Here at Wheels in Motion Auto Sales, we like to keep our shoppers updated about the latest technologies that are offered with some of our vehicles. There are many driver-assist features, such as a blind spot monitor, that help you avoid accidents.

A blind spot monitor uses radars, cameras, and sensors to monitor for vehicles that are approaching your blind spot zones. Most blind spot monitors issue visual and audible alerts when a vehicle is detected in blind spots.

Blind Spot Monitors can significantly reduce the risk of lane-change collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, blind spot detection systems and lane departure warning systems reduce the chance of fatal collisions that are caused from unintentional lane drift. When you're shopping for a vehicle, be sure to research each trim carefully. Many newer vehicles offer a blind spot monitor as an available safety features, and some higher trims come standard with this feature.


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