Preventing Pet-Hair Buildup in Cars

Proud pet owners often drive around Tempe with their furry family members in the car with them. Our team at Wheels in Motion Auto Sales is often asked how to get pet hair out of cars. Here are some tips to prevent those fur deposits from accumulating?

Surprisingly, some motorists don't know about the handy products that help keep pet hair at bay. One is a car seat cover for pet riders. Instead of their hair, dirt and anything else transferring to your car's upholstery, it gets on the car seat cover. After the ride, just remove it, wash it, and put it away until the next trip. Another useful product is a brush for extra furry animals. One such product, the FURminator, thins the undercoat and loose fur.

Something you probably already have is a crate. Just let the pet ride inside to contain them and their hair.



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